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      A spread from Life Meets Art

      Norman Foster's dining room features in today's Dezeen Weekly newsletter

      The latest edition of our Dezeen Weekly includes Sam Lubell's book, Life Meets Art, which features the interiors of Norman Foster's home.

      Foster's dining room is among the home interiors revealed in the book, which offers readers a glimpse inside the private spaces of over 200 of the world's best-loved creatives.

      Architects, designers, musicians, poets and artists all feature. As well as Foster, notable inclusions are Faye Toogood, Jim Olson, Eileen Gray and Karim Rashid.

      Readers can't get enough, with one commenting "That Foster interior is insane".

      Bjarke Ingels
      Bjarke Ingels is "this century's Frank Lloyd Wright" says USModernist director

      Other stories in this week's newsletter include Bjarke Ingels being dubbed "this century's Frank Lloyd Wright", the transformation of a 1970s bungalow in Birmingham, UK, and IKEA's first line of furniture designed for PC gaming.

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